Speed up your Flutter development

Easily choose a Figma design and convert it to Flutter Widgets.

Be one of the pioneers who can try semi-automatic Figma design into Flutter code converter.

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Our vision - Automated, scalable way to create Flutter code

All know that it is hard to scale development process. You can hire more and more developers, but coding speed does not have a linear dependency on resources. In Day to day tasks developers spend at least 50% their time for implementing UI that is based on design.

Our goal is to change the way of developing Web and Mobile applications

High scalable service convert a design into Flutter widgets that have accurate Figma design implementation. Developers pick-up ready to use Flutter widgets and then continue with workflow implementation.

Why Flutter code

The main advantages of using Flutter for design to code generation:

  • With Flutter you can create accurate multi platforms design implementation
  • Widget based UI composing that allows to split a design into smaller parts and handle it in parallel
  • Flutter Rendering Engine uses Html canvas for rendering instead of Html elements and css for Web App
Why Figma Design

The main advantages of using Figma design for automatically generate code:

  • Figma is focused on team scalable work as well as Codis
  • Figma has rich API for interaction programmatically with design
  • Figma has possibility to make integration by a plugin that can be used for selection a part of design and sending it for code generating

How it works

Generating Flutter code from Figma

Our milestones

  • Getting potential users for feedback and improvements
  • Implementing MVP of core functionality: export designs from Figma and code generation
  • Reaching one hour per Widget average performance
  • Implementing Figma plugin for sending jobs from Figma
  • Replacing parts of workflow by Machine Learning engine
  • Reaching 15 minutes per Widget average performance
  • Workflow and Machine Learning algorithms improvements
  • Converting Figma to Flutter widgets on the fly