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Speed up your Flutter development

BETA: Automatically convert Material Design into production-ready Flutter Code

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Install our Figma plugin and start turning Material Designs into Flutter code automatically. Rate the result by comparing the requested design with rendered result for further improvement. If a component is not recognized automatically, simply map it to a Material Design component and get Flutter Widgets.

Discover Codis: Figma to Flutter


Build quickly with ready to use Flutter widgets instead of coding UI from scratch

Tech Teams

Scale and speed up the web / mobile app development process

Product Teams

Realize quick product experimentation and accelerate Time to Market

Why us?

We are building the most powerful algorithms to convert Designs into highly accurate and structured Code

Comparison of results with other solutions and with Codis
  • Figma Logo Rendered result – very different vs. very similar to the Figma Design

  • Figma Logo Code Accuracy – rectangle images vs. ready to use Input and Button widgets

  • Figma Logo Code Structure – Single file with 494 lines of code vs. 2 re-usable components with 134 lines of code (~70% less code)

Why convert from Figma? Why Figma code

  • It is the most popular collaborative interface design tool
  • As Codis, Figma is focused on scaling team work
  • It has a rich API that interacts programmatically with design

Why to Flutter code?Why Flutter code

  • It is the fastest growing web/mobile app framework
  • It enables accurate cross-platform design implementation
  • Presents a widget based UI that allows designs to be split into smaller parts and handle them in parallel

Figma Logo Our BETA: service currently converts Figma Material Design v2 kit into Flutter screen/widgets. Conversion of any Material Design v2 and v3 components is in progress. However, we will soon be able to convert any of your Figma designs into production-ready code.